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kinetic_dissent_controlled_reaction-demoI’m just going to tell you right off the bat that this Georgia-based band, who are cleverly named Kinetic Dissent, are one of the best unsigned bands in the underground. Pretty bold statement huh? Well, I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t think they deserve it.

Controlled Reaction is the appointed name for their second demo and I seriously think it was one of the best demo tapes I’ve heard in all of ’88. Definitely top ten list. This congregation has managed to materialize four songs that are extremely impressive…to say the least. The songs Choose Your Fate, Cultured Illogic, 12 Angry Men and Faces of the Fallen are some of the finest in metal today period.

Their song writing is thought-provoking, the music is heavy | dynamic and [a tad bit] progressive. The audio on the demo sounds great and is packaged equally impressive. This is a welcome change compared to the majority of packages (you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we receive at the Demolish HQ).

Honestly, I cannot figure out why they aren’t signed to a label yet. Come onA&R guys get your heads outta’ your ass please.

My only complaint is that the snare tends to “ring” too much for my taste. A very minor complain indeed as this is still a “demo recording” after all (and I am a picky drummer myself).

If you’re wondering who these musicians are that I am speaking so highly of, they are:

Dwight Irvin (vocals)

Steve Danjo (guitars)

Rick MacConnel (guitars ex-ELDRITCH RITE)

Troy Stephans (bass)

Ed Reimer (drums)

Some fans or readers may foolishly just compare this quintet to ANTHRAX (which they do resemble at times and or show an influence from perhaps) because they wear surfer shorts and their vocals are somewhat reflective of Joey Belladonna. The band claims they wore jams before ANTHRAX made it such a trendy item and as far as the vocals, let’s just set the record straight and reiterate that KD are still in their demo stages and can easily hang with ANTHRAX on their own turf any day of the week! I can just imagine what they can/will come up with in the proper studio setting or production environment.

I urge you today to buy this tape for only $6 (overseas add $1) before it becomes unavailable because of a soon-to-be debut album. They also have some killer stickers for $1 (in four different colors). Write to: KINETIC DISSENT c/o Steve P.O. BoxXXX, Avondale, GA. USA 3002-0224 USA


2014 Update

I listened to this demo again recently and it still holds up and is a favorite of mine. I’ve listened to it many times over the years and never tire of their sound.

*I would like to add that on the track Cultured Illogic they have some mean +  triplet grind [guitar riff] action that became a staple of the thrash genre. Not saying they pioneered it, but this is one of the earliest examples of a band locking in via that rhythmic way. SLAYER went on to basically pioneer this style of muted “chugging” in later songs and albums.

As mentioned in the review above, this was their second demo. I never heard the first demo. Here is the cover art and track listing:

Kinetic Dissent – The Fall of Individualism (1987)


1. Distorted Truth

2. Reflected Fear

3. Dark Inside the Light

4. Driven to Insanity

5. Hollow Corporation

6. The Price of Defense (M.A.D.)

*A full-length LP on Roadracer Records was actually released in 1991 called “I Will Fight No More Forever.” Unfortunately, the band broke up while they were working on a follow-up release.

I checked this album out on You Tube and it seems they went in a more [heavy but] powerful/melodic/progressive direction with some obvious Queensryche and Fates Warning influences. It sounded different but still good. What a shame, another “long-lost” but NOT FORGOTTEN band in the land of Metal.

Available on Amazon/remastered CD

1. Cults of Unreason

2. Banished

3. Melanin

4. 12 Angry Men

5. Social Syndrome

6. I Will Fight No More Forever

7. Novocaine Response

8. Testing Ground

9. Reworked

Check out the original demo version for: 12 ANGRY MEN 1988

Check out the final album version for: 12 ANGRY MEN 1991

Which do you like best?

I like both, but I’m so used to the faster demo version that the ’91 recording seems slow [laughs]. On its own though, it has a more chugging groove in retrospect. Click the album cover above to get a remastered CD version of this excellent release.

6 thoughts on “KINETIC DISSENT – Controlled Reaction

  1. They do sound like an interesting group. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi LL,

    thank you for your comment and for checking out Demolish online!



  3. Did you convert your demo to digital? Would love to score copy. I have the CD.

  4. Saw these guys many times in Atlanta in the late 80s. I think their interest in metal diminished over time.

  5. FYI : Metal Mind Productions did reissue the debut album from KINETIC DISSENT, “I Will Fight No More Forever” (originally on Roadracer records 1991), on CD on August 13, 2007 in Europe and October 8 in North America. The CD was made available in a new digipack edition on golden disc, digitally remastered using 24-bit technology and limited to a hand-numbered 2,000 copies

  6. All Demos have been Remastered and Released through Divebomb Records as of 02/11/2020. Divebomb did a really good job on the remaster and Packaging.

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